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The Market


In Porto Cristo the market, which sells products cultivated by local country workers, is a traditional part of the town. Previously the market took place in the "Plaça de l'Esglesia" on Sunday mornings and it attracted great numbers of  people interested in buying natural products from the island.


Thanks to the success of this traditional market, plans were made to increase it and move its location to the "'Passeig de la Sirena". In this way, tourist as much as visitors to the town could also enjoy this bigger space. The market has also seen the increase of stands offering a better choice of  local produce. A visit is highly recommended, not only due to the high quality of the products which are on offer, but also due to the precious view of the port, the beach and the white caves which can be contemplated from the "Passeig"

Every Sunday through out the year at Porto Cristo


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