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Beaches and coves



 The beach of Porto Cristo with it emblematic and unique docks is surrounded by spectacular white caves, the port zone and the "Morro de la Carabassa"(the pumpkin point) which is home to air lighthouse. All of this,  represents the natural and beautiful spots which characterize and symbolize perfectly the image of our town.

The beach's fine and white sand has seen the reconstruction of the village from a small fishermen's area to a natural, nautical and sporting port. Through all of this Porto Cristo has not lost its charm, and with the transition towards modernization it has been able to keep intact the natural richness bestowed on the area-such as the "Coves Blanques"(the white caves), the Coves del drachHams and innumerable spots which delight visitors with their views: The Torre dels Falcons view point is one of the best examples.

Also it has been blessed with small caves: Cala Petita, accessible only on foot with a half an hour excursion or by sea .It is a natural and virgin cave which is surrounded by tropical vegetation and which possesses clean, transparent and crystalline waters. The cave has fine sand, rocks and seaweed.


The second is Cala Murta, accessible also on foot or by sea .This cave has the tendency to have extremely cold, clean and crystalline water, which is comprehensible when considering its situation next to the Coves del Drach where the water unites.

The most recommendable is Cala Petita, due to not only the pleasant excursion, but also the fact that it is bigger than Cala Murta and easier to access.

The beaches and caves which belong to the Manacor district and for which are situated a few kilometres from Porto Cristo are:Cala Moreia, Cala  Morlanda, Es caló de'n Rafalino,Cala Anguila, Cala Mandia, S'estany d'en Mas, Cales de Mallorca I cala Murada and all have great natural beauty. Within the Manacor district, more than 32 KM2 of natural areas of special interest have been declared, more than 6 KM2 correspond to the rocky coast open to the sea by a collection of virgin caves of great natural beauty. This space extends between S'estany d'en Mas and Cales de Mallorca and presents, as peculiar values, a costal scenery of extreme and inalterable beauty and a great diversity of flowers and fauna.



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