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Cultural heritage

esglesia-carmeThe  "Mare de Déu del Carme" church was built in different stages.  The work was started in the year 1890 and was inaugurated in the year 1949.  It is a Basilica Church with only one nave and with two side chapels, in which symmetryis dominant.  The facade of the building, the same as the previous, are characterized by three sections, one central and two laterals.

It is situated in the "Plaza del Carme" (Carme Square) and the Mass services take place at the following times:

- Summer hours (June to September),  weekdays 20.30 p.m, Saturdays at 19 and 20.30 p.m. Sundays at 9 am, 11 am, 19 pm, 20.30 pm.

- Winter hours (October to May), on Saturdays at 19.30 p.m and Sundays at 9 am, 11 am, 19.30 pm.


passeig-sirenaThe Passeig de la Sirena (Mermaid Avenue) is situated on the Carrer Bordills, in front of Porto Cristo's beach.  Its name pays homage to a small sculpture which was destroyed after the Civil War.  In the year 1988, to celebrate the centenary of the Porto Cristo Foundation, the Mermaid was installed, which is the one that can be seen at present, and is the work of the sculpture Pere Pujol.

The Passeig de la Sirena is a meeting point and the stage for many celebrations, spectacles and concerts.  Sundays mornings, it is home to a market selling natural and local products.




The Coves Blanques (The White Caves) are situated at sea level, at the end of Porto Cristo Beach.

Until the end of the XIX they were caves inhabited by fishermen and they made up the first nucleus of the population.  The "Coves Blanques" cliffs or the cave named "Del patro pelat" (situated in the grounds of the present Nautical Club) took in the area's fishermen.  The "Cove del Patro Pelat receives this name because in the year 1877, the Pelat family installed themselves here and were considered the first inhabitants of Porto Cristo.  The occupation lasted until the year 1888, when the Colonia del Carme was established.



Batisteri de la basilica de sa Carrotja

Situated at the beginning of the Joan Amer Avenue, it is one of the few remains of the first Christians on the Island.  In the year 1909, they discovered and dug up the remains of the Paleocristian Basilica , known as "Sa Carrotja".  It has only been possible to conserve the baptismal font of the temple, from the V Century.


Coves del Drach (The Dragon's Cave)

They are located on the Carrer de les Coves s/n.

They are a collection of caves which form a trajectory of 1, 700 metres

Their stalagmites are of a big dimension and they have an irregular form whilst the stalactites are sharp and abundant.

Every day classical music concerts take place here for visitors in the Llac Martel (the Martel Lake).

Visiting Times:

In the summer (from the 16th March until 31 October)

Tours with concerts every day at 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 hours (During the months of July and August there are also tours at 13 p.m)

In the winter (from the 1st November -15th March)

Tours with concerts every day at 10.45, 12, 14, 15.30 hours

You can consult entry price at the Tourist Information Offices or by phoning the "Cuevas del Drach" (971820753)



Coves del Hams

Situated on the main road from Manacor to Porto Cristo, Km.11

They were discovered by Sr Pere Caldentey, these caves are famous for their tree like forms and the magnificent underground lake, where a show-concert is offered.

The trajectory of the caves permits us to learn about their "inhabitants"- prehistoric crustacean which have survived the passing of time.

Visiting Times:

In the summer (16th March - 31st October)

Open every day from 10 -13.30 hours and from 14-17.30 hours

Entry to the enclosure every 10 minutes, with guided tours and concerts.

In the winter (from the 1st November -15th March)

Open every day from 11-13.30 hours and from 14 - 16.30 hours

Entry to the enclosure every 10 minutes, with guided tours and concerts.

You can consult entry price at the Tourist Information Offices or by phoning the "Cuevas del Hams" (971820988)


 Torre del Serral dels Falcons

Situated at the end of the Joan Servera Camps it is a surveillance and defence tower.  According to the story, the construction of the tower was finished very quickly in the year 1577.  Around the year 1693 the tower consisted of two towers.  In the year 1769, it had a bronze canon; two towers were situated in the grounds of Rafal Pudent".  In 1794, the tower was found to be brokenIn the year 1936 it was partially destroyed, as a consequence of bombing by Franquist Forces.  Subsequently, in the year 1960, the owners of the land reconstructed it.


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