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What is it?

The Porto Cristo District Board is an administrative body created by the Manacor Council with the objective of decentralising the services offered in Porto Cristo.

The regulatory rules for the running of the District Board were accepted by the Plenary Board on the 7th May, 2007 and were permanently passed on the 25th September 2007.

The Porto Cristo District Board Regulation law provides the organization, the running and competence of the JMD (the Local District Board) in Porto Cristo and also the areas of Cala Anguila, Cala Magrana and Cala Mendia

The Local District Board, when considering its territorial zone, could take on the Mayor's work providing that they are within the territorial zone controlled by the Board.  This management body makes it possible for the citizens, whom form part of the government and the administration of the Porto Cristo Area, to participate notwithstanding the running of the local management unit.


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 Ajuntament de Manacor - C/ del Convent, s/n 07500 Manacor - Telèfon: 971 84 91 00

Delegació de Porto Cristo - C/ d'en Gual, 31 07680 Porto Cristo - Telèfon: 971 82 09 31