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The Board's members

The necessary members which constitute the District Board are the Presidenhttp://portocristo.org/administrator/index.php?option=com_falang#wf-editor-wysiwygt and the Plenary Board.

The Plenary Board is made up of thirteen members, the President and Vice-president and eleven members, who are nominated by the Plenary Board and who will have the right to voice their opinions and vote. Each Political Party which has obtained local representation will choose a member to form part of its Party. 

The President and the Vice-president will be nominated by the corporation's Plenary.  The role of the President is to:  represent the Mayor of Porto Cristo, to chair the Plenary Board's meetings, and when voting, if faced with a tie, cast a deciding vote.

The role of the Vice-president is: to substitute the Board's President in the case of absence and managethe work delegated to him by the President

The current members are:

  • Joan Gomila Capó, president
  • Antònia Llodrà Brunet, vicepresident
  • Bernadí Bou Barbosa
  • Remedios Rincón Sanz
  • Salvador Vadell Pascual
  • Maties Perelló Noguera
  • Lourdes Melis Gomila
  • Joan Gaià Mascaró
  • Miquel Fullana Mas
  • Josefa Mateos López
  • Maria José Mateos López
  • Joan Sagrera Massanet
  • Maria Esperança Sans Regis
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