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Cronology of happenings before the XX century


Prehistoric:  Historians assert that this area had already been inhabited in the prehistoric age with the existence of a Bronze Age runner at the "Cuevas del Drach. 

IV Century: During this period the remains of the Sa Carrotja "Paleocristiana" basilica are found, one of the few material proofs of the first stages of Christiansim in Mallorca

At present, the baptismal font can be found on the Avinguida Joan Amer; it is a small cross shaped pool where children were baptized through immersion.  The discovery of a Roman ship, confirms the hypothesis that the port had already been used during Roman rule  

Middle ages: during this period the area continued to be used as a port as well as a refuge for fishermen

1260: This year, a ship with Italian fishermen succeeded to arrive on our coast after a storm.  They bought with them an image of Jesus Christ ("Sant Crist") and an image of the Virgin Mary with babes in arm.  The name Porto Cristo derives from the promise they made for arriving healthy and saved.  According to legend, this "Sant Crist" is worshiped in the "Església dels Dolors" in Manacor.

1282:   Information exists that in this year the fishermen of the area had already started selling fish in the Plaça de Manacor (Manacor square 

1577:  The Torre del Falcons is built.  This tower, used to vigil ate the land and send signals, formed part of the network of defence towers which alerted of pirates on the coast.


1851:   The lighthouse is built

1888:   A second class custom was constructed to export wine, at the requirement of the vine grower. Shortly after the ship "Pastilla White" made the weekly voyage from Porto Cristo to Barcelona transporting merchandise and people.  But the Fil.loxera crisis totally destroyed the vineyards.  This serious crisis saw the closing of the customs in 1891

1888: The 20th April, the Marquis of Reguer presents the "Ajunatments de Manacor" (the Manacor Council) with the "Neighbourhood project" with the desire to build a neighbourhood of houses on his land called the "Sa Marineta" and which he would later call the Colònia de Carme

1889:   The first registration documentdates from this year and consists of only four pages

1890: The first chapel is built (the future Església del Carme).  This chapel soon turned out to be insufficient for the ever growing population of Manacor, which saw a special increase during the summer months.

1891:   "The Manual Guide to the Balearic Island" is published by Pere d'Alcantara Peña", in which the place name Porto Cristo appears for the first time.

1869:   The "Cuevas del Drach" are discovered in this year.  Moreover in the year 1338, the first piece of news written as a message is produced by Rover de Rovenach, governor of the island, to the mayorof Manacor.  Since then, the caves have received millions of visitors but one must emphasize that it wasn't until 1925 that tourist visits started to take place on a stable basis. 



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